de profundis

Saturday, 31 January 2009


today, i got my hair cut! :) i used to have it just like this ages and ages ago (and i do mean, like, 2 years ago!) but i grew it out when everybody else started to have it. anyway, i have returned to my conforming roots, and i'm so glad! i love it, and i don't know why i ever thought to change it! :)

anyway, this is what i wore..

this necklace is probably my favourite necklace that i own -- i think it's stunning, and i found it in a charity shop for only £2! i'm pretty much convinced that it's the key to narnia :)

speaking of charity shop finds, i recently came across a little bag of these beautiful old brass camels for only £1. i'm forever finding beautiful little vintage treasures like these, and i've absolutely nothing to do with them! i'm thinking about setting up an etsy shop to sell them on in cute little goody bags :) what do you think?

hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
skirt & necklace: vintage
jumper: asda
shoes, tights & blouse: primark

Sunday, 25 January 2009


last night, i slept over my friend megan's house! this is what i wore :) i have used tiger the tiger to emphasize the black and white theme. appreciate. :D

i've spent the whole morning listening to the jon richardson show & putting off my homework as much as i can :D but i think now it'll have to be work work work for the rest of the day!
how do you like to spend your sundays?

playsuit & spider ring: topshop
jacket: alwear
tights: new look
shoes: primarni
brooch: vintage

Monday, 19 January 2009


helloooo all :) sorry for my lack of posting -- i've been really really unwell lately so most of my weekend has been spent in hospital - which unfortunately does not make for the most exciting of posts! it's also been the reason i've not had time to read & comment all your lovely blogs, which i swear will be top priority when i can sit at the computer for longer than five minutes at a time :D
anyway, i've been looking for a way to apologise to you all without doing a complete 'PITY ME!!' post, so when raquel tagged me with it seemed the perfect opportunity to let you all know that, yes, i'm still alive, and to do something that might be of vague interest :)

1.Go to the fourth folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2.Pick the fourth picture in that folder.
3.Explain the picture.
4.Tag four people to do the same.

this was my picture! it's of (from left to right) megan, ed, harriet and me. harry is the mouth in the background -- you may have seen a variation on this picture before, as we took thousands in the attempt to get all five of us in! as you can see, poor harry escaped this one. harriet probably wishes she had too.
anyway. yes, in case you were wondering, this is indeed my miley cyrus pose :)
we were stood outside bristol hippodrome waiting to go in and see simon amstell (a comedian who also hosts the british TV programme never mind the buzzcocks), who is much taller in real life.

so yes! i hope that was mildly interesting for you :D i'm sure i'll be better soon anddd yes! i think that's it. so sorry again :) i hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

oh! & i tag whoever wants to do it :)

Thursday, 15 January 2009


like one of my favourites things about is the 'collections' section. if any of you aren't familiar (which i doubt :)!), this is a little section where they are kind enough to sum up predicted trends or themes for the coming months, and include links to items of clothing that fit that trend.

since i have spent the whole week in my school uniform, i unfortunatley have to no exciting pictures to show you! but, i was browsing the topshop website today at school (AND BY THAT I MEAN REVISING, OF COURSE) and i thought i might as well show you my take on some of the collections they have up there -- especially seeing as there are some new ones. i'll start with the older winter ones, and then we can all excitedly look forward to summer dressing :D

when i read this description, i was really excited! but in actuality i don't really love most of these clothes and it was a struggle to pick one i'd really really wear in real real life, so i think this is what my alter-ego would wear! :)
i do love that skirt - but, having tried it on recently, it actually looks really weird on me.
sad times :(

by far and above my least favourite trend. leotards don't look good on anybody over size six and just... just no. i never really saw the appeal of this :) this dress/vest/thingy was the only thing i thought i might wear but, really? i don't think i'd pay actual money for it.

i didn't think i was going to like this anywhere near as much as i did! shorts and boots takes me back to this summer, and i actually really like that t-shirt! and i NEVER like printed t-shirts :)

but this was my favourite by far. i'm in LOVE with everything on this page - especially the shoes & the shorts! i keep trying to pick which one i prefer :D

i'm usually far better at winter dressing (which is fortunate, given our truly epic winters and dismal summers here in the united states of kingdom) but those last two collections have got me all excited for summer. i can't wait to take my dog for long walks in the evenings, i can't wait to go on long car journeys to new places with my boyfriend, i can't wait to spend weeks and weeks without homework, i can't wait to drink more diet coke than is feasibly possible and, more than that, i can't wait to not have to wear three pairs of tights at once! :)

which do you prefer, summer or winter?

Monday, 12 January 2009


"If I have a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food."
- Desiderius Erasmus

jumper & vest: h&m
skirt&tights: new look
shoes: primark

poem -
'i have longed to move away' by dylan thomas
it's one of my favourites.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


my favourite kind of blog posts are always the ones that AREN'T totally to do with fashion, or anything like that. i adore little insights into peoples lives, little glimpses of how strangers have their days, and i think there's no better look into who a person is than by seeing their bag, or their bedroom, or, indeed their clothes! but having been recently inspired, i decided i might as well do a bag post of my own!

BUT, i rarely carry one bag, and am forever mixing things up - so expect a fairly image heavy post! :)

so! these are the bags that i use most often! from left to right - an adorable penguin backpack from accessorize (kids), a vintage balmain bag, vintage clutch, tweed accessorize bag, nica bag, and a nautical-inspired bag that i got for my birthday, and thus have no idea where it's from!

i couldn't pick a favourite out of these, as they all sort of fit a different aspect of my personality, i think! i love my balmain bag, but never actually use it because it's such an awkward length, and i never use the penguin backpack either because... well, i'm not four :D it's also pretty rare that i use my clutch, as i'm terrified of losing it! my tweed accessorize bag gets used alot, as it goes with pretty much anything, and it's the perfect size for school.

these are a few things i always carry with me! pictured are my phone, my ipod, a shakespeare notebook, two parker pens, and four books! a thomas hardy poetry collection, a moveable feast by ernest hemingway, against nature by huysmans, and, naturally, a picture of dorian gray by none other than my beloved oscar wilde :D

i always carry several books with me, because i never know what i'll want to read! and i'm always afraid that i'll finish one and then have nothing to do! a moveable feast is my current travelling book, so i read that on the bus to school every morning. it makes me look well smart :D

i don't go anywhere without my phone!

a few other bits and bobs! one of my new years resolutions is to start drinking more water, so i force myself to put a bottle of water in my bag every morning. also pictured are some mints, a hairbrush, some purses (naturally, i only ever use one of these), a snoopy keyring that my boyfriend got me, a little bit of make up, an umbrella (this is england after all) and a lovely mirror that my friend got me.

it's becoming increasingly rare for me to wear make up, but when i do it's usually only a little bit of concealer, mascara, and benetint! which is a god-send, by the far. i always carry the keyring with me, as i love it, and i use a different purse pretty much everytime i go out. pictured are two accessorize purses (the clasp ones) and a matthew williamson one, which makes me feel all important and organised :D

mints are an absolute neccessity for me - as i completely loathe chewing gum. it's disgusting - what kind of person thinks to themself, 'hey, i'd really like to chew on something rubbery and tasteless that has absolutely no nutritional value whilst the rest of the world starves! and if it clogs up the paths and makes me look mindless and disinterested, even better!'?

what couldn't you leave home without? naturally, all this stuff doesn't usually fit in my bag! so, on your average day, i tend to only carry a book or two, my phone, my keyring and my purse :)

in other news, i'm thinking of doing some book reviews & things? this was never intended to be a fashion blog, & since i'm not so good at the whole fashion business, i'd like to move it more towards things that i am interested in. what do you think? what would you like to see?

Sunday, 4 January 2009


ever since i was little, i've loved dressing up! so, one of my new years resolutions was to find inspiration for outfits in things other than just fashion magazines, or what i could pull out of my wardrobe. so, every sunday, i'm going to have a 'themed' day!

today was the turn of a ballerina, just because i bought this wonderful skirt from new look (£5, down from £22 - crazy, i didn't even know new look sold £22 stuff) the other day, and it's so swishy and things it reminds me of the skirts i had to wear when i did ballet :) and the ribboned shoes help, as well!

also, this hairband has already broken :( i was so sad.

skirt, belt & tights: new look
shoes: topshop
top: primark
hairband (R.I.P): alwear
watch: vintage

Saturday, 3 January 2009


6 vaguely interesting things about me!
( I just wanted an excuse to post these pictures, really :D! )

1. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Paris, and I'd give anything (except for actual effort) to be able to speak French.

2. I really really want to do History of Art at uni, but I know that I'll end up doing just History.

3. My cat is called Lady Tinkerwhatsit.

4. My favourite band is the Libertines, my favourite solo artist is Jeff Buckley, my favourite song is Hallelujah, my favourite book is A Picture of Dorian Gray and my favourite film is Lost In Translation.

5. If I could be anything anything anything at all in the world, it would be a writer. Problem is - I don't know what I want to write! :)

6. From now on, instead of asking usual mundane questions relating to the post, I'm going to ask questions that are a bit more interesting, and hopefully will get you thinking! :)

what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Thursday, 1 January 2009


there! a handful of my favourite photos of 2008 - in absolutely no order, chronological or otherwise. i was going to sort them out but uhh.. yeah. lazy. =D

click on any to see larger :)

anyway! happy new year! hope you all had a lovely night last night, and have a fantastic day today. start as you mean to go on! dress how you want to dress, look how you want to look, read your favourite books, watch your favourite films, listen to your favourite music and have the best, best, best day (:

what are your resolutions?
i'd like to try & learn french!

EDIT: just wanted to share with you all this wonderful quote from one of my favourite authors, neil gaiman (if you haven't read american gods, you must).

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."