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Sunday, 15 February 2009


i hope you all had a wonderful valentines day! i spent it with my boyfriend, it was absolutely lovely :) he's pretty much the best thing, ever. this is what i wore! i was going to go all pink, but, it's not really the best of colours on me! :)
& i apologise for not commenting anybody's blogs or anything lately - i'm planning to do that right after i've posted this! i've been crazy busy lately, but it's half term now so i've a whole glorious week in which to do nothing but watch films & eat junk food & blog :D hurrah!

how did you spend valentines?

dress: new look
jumper: marks & spencer
rosary beads: ebay
tights: topshop


Blogger Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful photos, darling - glad you and the BF enjoyed Valentine's Day :)


15 February 2009 at 08:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awh cute outfit! I love your jumper and it looks so delicate on you! Glad you had a lovely Valentines day!

15 February 2009 at 09:04  
Blogger Raquel said...

ohh I love your outfit, especially the polka dots :)
as for V-day i surprised my boyfriend with dinner amongst other things! and I am happy to hear you spent a great time too!

15 February 2009 at 12:46  
Blogger muchlove said...

Thank you for the comment :)
These pictures are so lovely. The flowery sheets are sweet, and so is your outfit.

15 February 2009 at 15:08  
Blogger Elena said...

Happy belated Valentines day!
Beautiful pics! You look lovely!

15 February 2009 at 15:56  
Blogger Raquel said...

thank you honey!! have a nice week. xx

16 February 2009 at 11:31  
Blogger FashionSqueah! said...

That's a lovely outfit, I wish I could pull of white tights like that! Glad your Valentines was nice too! Char x

16 February 2009 at 13:04  
Blogger TheMinx said...

such a beautiful, comfy looking outfit. I love the sweater especially.

16 February 2009 at 20:24  
Blogger janettaylor said...

Lovely photos and I like knitted top.

xoxo: Janet

17 February 2009 at 01:23  
Blogger DaisyChain said...

I love this outfit, it's so romantic is it's relaxedness. If that makes sense?
Probably not, I'm on another planet today!

17 February 2009 at 07:36  
Blogger melmo said...

your V-day sounds good!
and your outfit is sooo perfect for that day. love the white tights. you look a bit like a princess with it. like it ver much!


17 February 2009 at 09:54  

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