de profundis

Sunday, 28 December 2008


this morning, i went on a walk! my family is a walking family. it's just something we do - even in december's bitter cold :(

as for the above pictures, the left one made me laugh so much i couldn't not put it up! i promise i don't always look so disgusted by nature.

( also - i couldn't be bothered to do my hair or put on make up this morning! so, ah, sorry for burning your eyes out :D )

a closer look at that coat! i'm sure the buttons will fall off, the arm will rip and the pockets will break within a few days, as is primark custom, but for now i love it.

does your family have any odd little quirks/traditions?

coat & gloves: primark
jumper beneath: red herring
tights: new look
wellies: faith
hooded scarf: river island

Saturday, 27 December 2008


obligatory post-christmas post! (:

i was a very spoilt girl this year, as you can see! pictured aaaaaare...
- nica bag
- thick knit grey cardigan from warehouse
- arthur rackham alice in wonderland prints
- gold mirror from my friendddd
- what i can only assume is the peacocks take on the infamous colin stuart studded ankle boot?
- 'lonesome traveller' by jack kerouac
- new phone!
-'gulag orkestar' by beirut
- matthew williamson purse
- illustrated poetry of the first world war
- 'books i've read' book (from my boyfriend)
- 'oscar's books' by thomas wright (from my boyfriend)
- 'the love letters of dylan thomas' (from my boyfriend)
- 'oscar wilde: a life in letters' (from my boyfriend)
- vintage-y paris notebook (from my boyfriend)
- 'a rebours' by joris-karl huysmans (from my boyfriend)
- the complete works of lewis carrol (from... i'll let you guess)

:)! aren't i lucky? my boyfriend was also kind enough to get me michael mcintyre's dvd, a movable feast by hemingway and voltaire's zadig, which i am veryveryvery excited about reading - when i've worked my way through the piles of others, of course! (:

my brilliant friends got me THOUSANDS of books that i would go mental if i tried to list, and lots and lots of cute chinatown sweets as well as lots of other little random things that were absolutely loooovely.

i alsoalsoalso recieved a nintendo wii as my boxing day present (how middle class does that sound?!) and, if you can't tell, a new camera! huzzah! no more grainy camera-phone shots, and i can finally take advantage of the beautiful forest surroundings that i'm lucky to live in (:

anyway! this is what i wore on christmas day.

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! and if you don't celebrate it, i hope you had a wonderful few days where everything suddenly lit up and the tv was a bit better than usual (:

what did you all get up to? any exciting presents? let me know! one of my new years resolutions is to be a better blogger, so i'd best start engaging with all of you lovely lot now (:

jumper: primark
necklaces: claires (i know, i know, but it was £1)
skirt: topshop
tights: new look

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


hello hello hello!! i have been missing in action for a while and for that i can only apologise - terribly. school has been crazy and what with christmas and everything it's been like aaah, hectic (: in fact, it still is, and i really should not be online! but, i am procrastinating. (:

anyway, this is what i wore sunday to go out to dinner with my grandmother. i always wear my fiercest heels around the grandparents - it gives me an excuse to walk slower. 'as you can tell, i have discovered the photographic possibilities regarding the trellis in my garden. perhaps these are not the most appropriate of climbing shoes, but i desist.

jumper: mummy shambles
blouse: primarni
skirt: vintage:
tights: new look
heels: faith

( p.s sorry i haven't got around to commenting everybody's blogs and things!! i will soon - honestly! (: )