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Monday, 23 February 2009


i messed up the layout & everything on this old one, sooo...

new blog! :)

i've tried to put most people back on my blogroll -- if i've left you out, PLEASE remind me! i'm very rubbish and forgetful when it comes to these sorts of things!

thank you xxx

Sunday, 22 February 2009


my family likes to climb, and so in celebration of yesterday's sunshine, we took to the hills! hurrah! this is mount skirrid, and the pointy mountain in the background of the picture directly below this is called the sugarloaf, which we climbed up earlier this year. it's kind of crazy but i really love it - it's fantastic exercise and the view from the top always makes me so very glad to live where i do. it's lovely.
the two pictures at the bottom of this post are of keepers pond, which is at the top of mount blorange (yes, really) - the only word in the english language that rhymes with orange! very exciting.

if you'd like to see more pictures, i just got a flickr! it's terrifying. add me, make me feel welcome!
i hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

shirt: vintage
coat: animal
t-shirt: primark
shorts & tights: new look
wellies: faith
hat: accessorize

Friday, 20 February 2009


we've been having such lovely weather lately! well. lovely for britain. lovely for february, anyway :D i know i promised you i'd show you all of my new purchases (which has been updated to include ANOTHER new dress), so naturally i decided to instead make an outfit entirely out of very old clothes and photograph them in a way that makes them very difficult to see. i'm SUCH a good blogger :D

friday today! my weekend is going to consist of climbing mountains & seeing my boyfriend :D
what about you? have a lovely day! x

top: primark
cardigan: h&m
skirt: tkmaxx
tights: new look
bracelet: claires


Tuesday, 17 February 2009


this is a complete filler post as i'm totally bored - not something i think i've ever been guilty of, before! how exciting. i'm basically just going to ramble about things & expect none of you to comment :D

it is also a new post to show off my new dress! it was £32, which i thought was pretty fantastic, from topshop petite. it's so much lovelier in person - i had no idea how rumpled the skirt looks when i was taking these pictures! it was a tricky choice between this and a gorgeous fifties style floral sundress (of which there are no pictures on the website - topshop, what are you playing at?!), but i think i'll get a lot more wear out of this one.

i've bought lots of new things lately! including a vintage bag, vintage cardigan, some new books & new shoes. i've worn them all already ('cept the books) but i'm so lazy when it comes to doing outfit posts. i'm sure i'll get around to them soon!

the weather has been suspiciously nice, lately, which is made all the weirder by the fact that there's still snow on the ground.. it's got me longing for sunglasses appropriate weather, though - i picked up a few new pairs the other day, including mock-raybans in red, black & white, and the obligatory pair of red heart shaped lolita-style sunglasses that i've no doubt will be all over the high streets in a few months! just like last year :)

anyway! sorry about the ramble :D i'm very bored & i get all impatient and talkative when i'm missing my boyfriend, haha :)

what have you all been up to?

Sunday, 15 February 2009


i hope you all had a wonderful valentines day! i spent it with my boyfriend, it was absolutely lovely :) he's pretty much the best thing, ever. this is what i wore! i was going to go all pink, but, it's not really the best of colours on me! :)
& i apologise for not commenting anybody's blogs or anything lately - i'm planning to do that right after i've posted this! i've been crazy busy lately, but it's half term now so i've a whole glorious week in which to do nothing but watch films & eat junk food & blog :D hurrah!

how did you spend valentines?

dress: new look
jumper: marks & spencer
rosary beads: ebay
tights: topshop

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


the looooovely CC recently tagged me to write about 6 things that make me happy! so, making a change from snow-based posts, here they are! :)

baking! i'm really really into baking right now - i've made ginerbread biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, plain biscuits, brownies, muffins, chocolate cookies, chocolate muffins, cupcakes and fairy cakes so far :D i'm turning into quite the little housewife, haha!

old books! i have a big big collection of stunning old copies of books stacked beside my bed - everything from voltaire to dickens to c.s.lewis :) they're so much prettier than new versions and i love the higgeldy-piggeldy type writer text. plus, they're so cheap! i picked up this looovely book of childrens stories the other day for only £1.50 - it's totally charming, with beautiful illustrations and a story for every day of the year! plus, it has such a sweet handwritten message on the inside cover -- "To: David From: Dorothy Christmas 1938". Incredible, huh?

childrens literature! alright, this doubles up with my last one, as well, as this is the inside of the book pictured above! but i love all childrens literature right now, i just think the style and the illustrations and the stories themselves are so perfect, so witty, so clever, so charming, so magical. i've read alice in wonderland (again) and peter pan so far this year, and i just finished the house at pooh corner! now i'm reading the chronicles of narnia :D perhaps it's a bit too late for this, seeing as i'm sixteen, but these stories are so timeless and cuddly :) honestly, if you're feeling sad, there's nothing like a quick trip to never never land to make you feel better!

chloe perfume! this perfume is my faaavourite, i wear it every day :) probably unwise, seeing as it's got a pretty hefty price tag for such a little bottle as this, but it's so nice to feel like you're wearing a little piece of chloe every day. plus, the smell takes me back to summer time -- which is a very nice feeling indeed :)

wrapping paper! bizarrely, i've started collecting wrapping paper as of late? it's such a cheap and useful decoration to keep around my bedroom! haha :)

my bed! i'm sure this one's a given, seeing as i'm only human, but i do absolutely love my bed! it's so snuggly and it's been very very difficult getting out of it in these cold cold snowy mornings! :)

i've absolutely no idea how to tag! so, anybody who wants to do this, just do it! and i do mean anybody -- i'd absolutely love to read your responses.

& even if you don't wanna do a whole post on it, i'd still love to know, what makes you happy?

stay happy! :) x

Friday, 6 February 2009


i'm sure that if you read other british blogs, you're all sick of reading about how much snow we're having -- but it's SO EXCITING! this is the most snow we've had in twenty years, and it keeps coming :) it's up to my knees, now! it's fantastically beautiful & it feels very very cosy to have frosting up the windowpanes, but i'm starting to miss my friends, and my boyfriend, a lot.

i can't say that i'm not loving the snow, though :D i really think it brings out the best in people - it's so heartwarming seeing families out sledding with children seeing it for the first time. i don't want to get all cliche and deep into this, but it really is absolutely lovely, and all this fuss about how dreadful the roads are is very disheartening. get outside, play! it's snowing!! :)

stay wonderful :)
(and stay warm!)

jacket: muu-baa
skirt & tights: new look
hat (second picture): accessorize